Welcome to the New Mapsifter/Taxsifter Parcel Information Search Tool


A message from Grays Harbor County's Assessor, Dan Lindgren

"The Grays Harbor County Assessor’s Office is happy to announce that we have completely updated the online parcel data search tool and it is live and available for the public to use. The new program is called mapsifter / taxsifter. This new and improved property information tool has some major improvements to the mapping (GIS) capabilities as well as added sale search functions with more information available to the public in a new user friendly interface. More improvements and added functionality are also still being developed to better serve the public. We should have a sales heat map by year GIS layer functionality added in Mapsifter soon so watch for that. We also have new Pictometry high resolution aerial imagery that will be replacing the current Bing imagery that is in Mapsifter. The new imagery is 9 inch resolution and was flown in August of 2015. The imagery is very high resolution so it’s taking some time to process. We didn’t want to delay the deployment of the new program but we’ll get that new imagery up just as soon as it can be processed by our software vendors.

The Assessor’s office would like to let everyone know that the legacy parcel search tool will be going offline this Friday, April 21st. After Friday, the legacy search tool links will be removed so if you have that link bookmarked, it will not work anymore after this Friday. Please go to the Assessor’s website and save the links to the new Mapsifter and Taxsifter search tools for future use. Mapsifter, Taxsifter , county website and the sale search tool are all linked together so you can bounce around between these areas of the site depending on what type of information you are looking for without having to use a search engine.

 Some improvements that Mapsifter / Taxsifter has over the old parcel search tool include:
  • Owner name search functionality
  • Sale search by City. Inside or outside city limits for each City in Grays Harbor
  • Much faster speeds when using the new site as we have a dedicated server specifically for the Assessor’s office T-2 program and website.
  • No password needed to use our sale search tool anymore
  • Much better and more user friendly mapping capability. More functions will be added in the future as we continue to develop the Mapsifter portion of the new site.
  • The capability in Mapsifter to measure lots or roof outlines or….??
  • The ability to click on a parcel in Mapsifter to find out any detail about the property or buildings that we have in our database.
  • 5 years of valuation history
  • Building Permit information 
  • Building footprint sketches of every parcel that has substantial buildings
  • Multiple photos of all buildings if we have them. 
  • Distance measurements in Mapsifter
  • Road or aerial maps with parcel overlay
  • Taxing district information in Mapsifter including commissioner district, precinct number, ward number, school district, hospital district, fire district.

For those of you that do not have the new site link yet, simply go to the county website home page and click the parcel search button or find the links on the Assessor’s webpage or click one of the links below.



Grays Harbor County website:

If you need information on TAXES, you must now go to the Treasurer’s webpage. We hope to have tax information linked up soon but our treasurer is on a separate system. A link between the systems is being explored now also to make tax information available through Taxsifter / Mapsifter.
Treasurer’s tax information search page:

We are aware of a data issue on lot size in the Land section of the Appraisal information page. We are working on correcting that now so you should see a change there in the near future. Again, we didn’t want to delay the launch of this new program due to this small issue. Please be patient with us as we make that correction. In the meantime, feel free to give my office a call at 249-4121 if you need a lot size or just use the measuring tool in mapsifter to get you in the ball park. You will always get a live person if you call my office during business hours.

I am willing to come and give tutorials on the new site for groups of people if there is interest. Just give me a call to set up a time for me to come to your group meeting. I also have facilities available here for presentations at the county administration building if you would like to bring your group to our office.

Please don’t hesitate to call or email with any questions or comments."

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