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Welcome to our website!

This website has been designed to give you a better understanding of our Grays Harbor County Assessor’s Office and to make our public records available to you 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Grays Harbor County covers a 1,910 square mile area. Our office maintains information for over 61,602 real property parcels and 4,978 personal property and utility parcels.

You will find on this site a GIS program that provides a detailed series of maps showing all properties within the county including aerial photos. Each time property is sold or divided or a new plat is filed, the transaction will be reflected in our records. We will have listed the owner’s name, the SITUS address, a legal description, a tax parcel ID number, a tax code, a land use code, a revaluation year, and the assessed value of land and improvements.

As the Assessor I do not determine or raise your taxes. It is my responsibility to administer the tax laws of the state of Washington and to value all property subject to taxes as mandated by the Washington State Legislature. It is also my responsibility to calculate the levies imposed by the various taxing districts and additional special levies for which the people have voted.

The employees in the Assessor's Office work hard to accomplish the tasks of establishing equality in assessments as well as handling daily tasks and assisting the public. We also thank the taxpayers of Grays Harbor County that have been willing to cooperate and assist us with our work.

As a public servant, it is my sincere desire to assist the taxpayers of Grays Harbor County in an effective, responsible, and courteous manner and I welcome your inquiries regarding any matter concerning this office.

Application for Taxpayer's Claim for Reduction of Assessments Resulting from Destroyed Real or Personal Property or Loss of Value in a Declared Disaster Area - Application / Q&A



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