Public Record Requests

Grays Harbor County had records that can be requested from multiple offices, please see the links below for information on each type of record.

  recorded       Sheriff        Courts       All records               
  Click here for recorded document  Click here for Sheriff records  Click here for court records  Click here for all other records  

In accordance with Governor’s Proclamation 20-28 and all subsequent extensions, Grays Harbor County is currently not providing for or arranging for in-person PRA business contact with the public at our offices, see also RCW 42.56.

With the current public health emergency during the COVID-19 disease outbreak, agencies must still respond to Public Records Act requests during the COVID-19 disease outbreak; however, the Governor’s proclamation Governor’s Proclamation 20-28.4, temporarily suspends Public Records Act language requiring agencies to provide an ability for the public to conduct Public Records Act business at an agency office, in-person, such as in-person inspection of records or in-person submission of Public Records Act requests.

 Please note that normal turnaround times may be delayed as staff and resources are impacted by the COVID-19 public health crisis