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*** Commissioner Meetings are being held through Zoom until further notice.  There are not in person meetings at this time. Please see the Agenda tab on the side of this page for current meeting agendas with Zoom links.  All meetings are also posted on the website calendar available on the homepage. 

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   Jill Warne
District No. 1
 Kevin Pine
District No. 2
 Vickie Raines
District No. 3

The Board of Commissioners is the County's legislative authority and is made up of three Commissioners elected to four-year terms. The County is divided into three districts, based on population, and at the time of election each Commissioner must live in and represent his/her district. The Commissioners are partisan and are nominated in a primary election embracing only their particular district. All voters in the county are given an opportunity in the general election to select the Commissioner who will ultimately serve.

2021 Redistricting Process

Each political jurisdiction with internal boundaries is required to change boundaries to reflect current population following the completed census each decade.  Per RCW 29A.76.010 (4), the county legislative body, herein referred to as “Commissioners”, is responsible to adjust each internal district boundary to equalize the population between all three districts.  The Port of Grays Harbor and Public Utility District 1 Commissioners use the same boundaries and are affected by the changes made during the redistricting process.  The population changes from the 2020 census were applied by county staff to the current district map and changes were recommended to the Commissioners by committee.  The recommendation is currently being reviewed and a public hearing is scheduled for Tuesday November 23rd at 10:30 AM during the Regular Commissioner meeting.  After implementing any changes from the review and hearing process, the final redistricting plan is set to be approved by the Commissioners on December 7th. 

Click here to view the draft resolution adopting the changes

Click here to view the map of adjusted district boundaries 

 commish map                

Central_Park 1

Commissioner District Map  

Central Park Area


Recorded/Upcoming Meetings
Scheduled upcoming meetings with pre-meeting documents and approved videos of past meetings.

Meeting Agenda and weekly calendar 

2021 Commissioner Office Closures

Commissioners' Regular Meeting: Regular board meetings will be held on the 1st and 3rd TUESDAY of the month at 1:00 PM in the large Commissioners Meeting Room 100 W. Broadway.  

As of 07-01-21 and per Ordinance # 461, regular board meetings will also be held on the 2nd and 4th TUESDAY of the month at 10:30 AM in the large Commissioners Meeting Room 100 W. Broadway.  Please note that at this time, all meetings are by Zoom due to Covid-19.

Commissioners' Regular Morning Meetings:  Morning board meetings will be held on the 1st and 3rd TUESDAY of the month at 10:00 AM in Conference Room No. 1. At the discretion of the board, Commissioners may hold a staff meeting at the 10:00 AM.  Please note that at this time, all meetings are by Zoom due to Covid-19. 

Workshops:  In addition to the regular meetings, the board may conduct workshop meetings at any time designated by the board.  No final action shall be taken at any workshop session meeting.   

Special Meetings:  Special meetings are occasionally scheduled with the date, time, and purpose of the meeting published online and through the news media at least 24 hours prior to the start of the meeting.  If you would like to be added to the email distribution list for special meetings, please email the Clerk of the Board, Wendy Chatham. 

For all meeting notices, please visit the county calendar located on the homepage.  Please note that at this time, all meetings are by Zoom due to Covid-19. 

Ordinances, Resolutions, and Minutes

Ordinances can be found in the County Code section of the website as well as on the online document website.  Also available on the document website are minutes, Resolutions and Interlocal Agreements. 

To search a specific document type use this search link.

To search all records by topic or date use this search link.


Ordinance No. 422 - Approval for ATV use on specific county roads. MAP (pdf 5mb)
Ordinance No. 431 - Additional approval of roads for ATV use. 
Ordinance No. 441 - Additional approval of roads for ATV use.
Ordinance No. 465 - Additional approval of roads for ATV use.



As administrators, Grays Harbor County Commissioners are responsible for providing direction to their department heads for:

  • County Fair, Events and Tourism Department
  • County Forestry Department
  • County Facilities Department
  • Planning, Building and zoning of unincorporated areas
  • Public Health and Social Services
  • Public Works Department (Roads, Engineering, Utilities)
  • Other programs and services which are not clearly the responsibility of another elected county official.

One of the County Commissioners' primary duties is to levy taxes to operate the county and to adopt a balanced budget for each calendar year. The Commissioners fix the budget amount for each department of the county, but variances and increases can be permitted during the year if a need can be shown. Other elected officials in the county are responsible for their own adopted budget and the County Commissioners are responsible for the operation of budgets under the control of appointed department heads.


GHC 2022 Preliminary Budget (2 MB pdf)

GHC 2021 Budget (24.3 MB pdf)
GHC 2020 Budget
(4.3 MB pdf)
GHC 2019 Budget (8.1 MB pdf)
GHC 2018 Budget (8.9 MB pdf)
GHC 2017 Budget
 (4.5 MB pdf) 
GHC 2016 Budget
 (6.4 MB pdf)
GHC 2015 Budget (6.7 MB pdf)
GHC 2014 Budget (9.0 MB pdf)
GHC 2013 Budget (4.5 MB pdf)
GHC 2012 Budget (1.5 MB pdf)

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In their judicial capacity, the Commissioners are often called upon as the first level of appeal to sit in judgment of decisions made by other county officials. Rezoning recommendations from the Planning Commission, for instance, are appealed to the County Commissioners for review.


Within their legislative capacity, the Commissioners are responsible for adopting, amending and repealing all county ordinances (which are usually laws of the county). These include traffic, zoning, planning and public safety ordinances, and any other ordinance concerning the general welfare of the county.


The Commissioners have a key role in a wide variety of community boards and commissions that affect citizens within and even beyond their jurisdictions. The Commissioners serve on a variety of multi-county boards with other public officials to direct public policy. The latest Commissioner Representation List.

Many citizen advisory boards provide input to the Commissioners in a variety of areas. Within the county structure, the Commissioners are responsible for appointing members to the county boards and commissions. You may contact Wendy Chatham, Clerk of the Board, for further information regarding these boards and potential openings. You may also send a letter of interest to the County Commissioners if you would like to be considered for appointment.


Special information about the Board's hearing schedule may be obtained by contacting the Commissioner’s Office.  Wendy Chatham, Clerk of the Board, can provide specific information about the Commissioners' schedules as well as the outcome of public hearings.

If you have questions about county matters, require information concerning which department to contact for a specific need, have a complaint or need assistance please contact Wendy Chatham. She can be reached at (360) 249-3731, and via email at


Claims Form -  Download and complete to initiate a claim for damages against Grays Harbor County.