Temporary Food Service is defined in the Washington State Administrative Code (WAC) 246-215 as:
     (a)Operating at a fixed location, with a fixed menu, for not more than twenty-one consecutive days in conjunction with a single event or celebration, such as a fair or festival; or
     (b)Operating not more than three days a week at a fixed location, with a fixed menu, in conjunction with an approved, recurring, organized event, such as a farmers market.

Temporary food permits are required for all vendors who sell food to the public.  This includes restaurants who are preparing or serving food outside their physical establishment.  There are some food exemptions that will do not require a permit fee but an application must still be submitted to the Grays Harbor County Environmental Health Division. 
 Which type of permit(s) should I apply for?
  Single Event or Celebration Application

 Multiple Event Application                    Farmer's Market or Recurring Event Application
The event does not exceed 21 days.
The event does not meet the coordination event requirement under a Multiple Event Permit

This permit application may apply if:
1) You are the sole food vendor at the event, such as a BBQ, holiday celebration, dinner/breakfasts, etc.

2) You do not meet the minimum vendor qualifications under a Multiple Event Permit to be considered a coordinated event.

3) The event is coordinated but the coordinator
has not submitted a Coordinator Checklist

4) You are the Event Coordinator and do not have
a minimum of three vendors attending your event.      

Applicant can choose to attend any event listed on the "Coordinated Event" sheet.

Coordinated events include a minimum of three vendors (not including the coordinator); All vendors need not be selling food items to qualify.

The event coordinator annually submits a Coordinator Checklist form to this office.

Events not listed on Coordinated Event Sheet can become coordinated by having the coordinator submit a Coordinator Checklist

Events not provided on the Coordinated Event list or events that do not meet the coordinated event definition may apply under a different temporary food permit structure and must pay 50% of the corresponding fees.  
The event cannot exceed more than three days per week, such as a Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The event cannot last more than 16 consecutive weeks.

A new application an the corresponding fee must be paid should the event exceed 16 consecutive weeks.

Multiple Event Permit holders attending a farmer's market or recurring event that is not included on the Coordinated Event List, must apply for a separate event under this permit and pay 50% of the corresponding fees.

Your groups, youth sporting events, and/or nonprofit charitable organizations (i.e. concession stands, charitable fundraiser, etc.) may apply under a recurring event application.   

 Single Event Permit                             Multiple Event Permit
 Recurring Event Permit  Guidelines for Temporary Food Service
 Exempt from Permit Application  Sampling or Tasting Notification
 Coordinator Checklist  Multiple Event Coordinated Event List

Minimal requirements must be met to approve temporary food service in Grays Harbor County.  A guideline for temporary food service is available for review.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact this office at (360) 249-4222.