Grays Harbor County currently has two vacant Trustee positions to serve on the Grays Harbor County Law Library Board.

This Board currently meets once a month for about 30 mins, typically at noon on the first Wednesday of the month (via Zoom).

Washington state county libraries were established in 1919 by RCW 27.24 to provide access to legal information to the courts and bar, and also to the public in counties which have staff available to assist the public.

The County Law Library is open to the public, the legal community, and local government departments.


Please see RCW 27.24.030 regarding the duties or powers of the Law Library Board here:

If interested you can submit a letter of interest by email, no later than November 2, 2020, to the Law Librarian, Josh Sedy at: For any questions, please call: 360-249-5311 ext 3.