Residential Property Development Process

Residential Property Development Process -

The Residential Property Development Process is accomplished in three (3) steps.

Step 1: Pre-Development Review Application the proposal stage.
  • The proposal step allows the applicant an opportunity to explain the project and illustrate using a site plan.  
  • Similarly, it gives the County an opportunity to review the proposal to determine feasibility and the necessary requirements in order to achieve the proposed project and communicate those requirements to the applicant. 
  • Each of the below reviews are completed regardless of the proposal and may result in Step 2 requirements. 
    • Site Plan Review
    • Departmental Reviews -
      1. Planning Division - Critical Areas and Setbacks Review 
      2. Environmental Health - On-Site Sewage Review
      3. Environmental Health - Drinking Water Review 
      4. Fire Marshal - Fire Equipment Access Review 
      5. Public Works - Road Access Review
      6. Other Outside Agencies as applicable
  • A letter is sent to the applicant outlining Step 2 with instructions on how to proceed (bulleted checklist).
    • This letter transitions the applicant to Step 2 of the Property Development Process.
    • Each Pre-Development Review letter is customized according to the proposed project. 
  • Electronic submittals cannot be accepted.
Step 2: Development Review - establish the infrastructure.
  • This step allows for the necessary requirements determined in Step 1 to be submitted for review. 
    • Possible submittal requirements by department -
      1. Planning Division  
      2. Environmental Health 
      3. Fire Marshal  
      4. Public Works 
      5. Other Outside Agencies
  • These submittal requirements may not be the same for every project. 
  • Once all requirements have been submitted and approved, a Property Development Approval letter (i.e. "golden ticket") is sent to the applicant outlining the required documentation to be submitted for Step 3.
    • Each "golden ticket" checklist is customized according to the proposed project.
  • Electronic submittals cannot be accepted.
Step 3: Building Permit Application Review - application for building permit.
  • The "golden ticket" will outline the documentation required to be submitted for this step.
    • These submittals will not be accepted if a "golden ticket" has not been sent or,
    • If the application is incomplete in anyway including incorrect payment amount or non-payment.
  • After Building Division review for code compliancy, a Permit Coordinator will notify the applicant that the permit is ready for issuance as well as if there are balances owing.
  • All balances are due before the permit may be issued.
  • Residential Plans Submittal Checklist
  • Electronic submittals cannot be accepted.

**Each step must be complete prior to proceeding to the next step!**

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