Grays Harbor County recognizes and seeks to protect  the beneficial functions performed by many wetlands, which include, but are not limited to, providing food, breeding, nesting and/or rearing habitat for fish and wildlife; recharging and discharging ground water; contributing to stream flow during low flow periods; stabilizing stream banks and shorelines; storing storm and flood waters to reduce flooding and erosion; and improving water quality through biofiltration, adsorption, and retention and transformation of sediments, nutrients, and toxicants.

Grays Harbor County regulates land uses to aviod adverse effects on wetlands and to maintain the functions and values of wetlands throughout the county. 

18.06 Article III - Development Standards for Wetland Areas  

Are there wetlands on my property?

One tool available to identify wetland areas on individual properties is the National Wetlands Inventory Mapper, an online mapping service provided by the U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife.  The mapper is an indication of the presence of wetlands; however, the absence of mapped wetlands does not ensure that wetland areas do not exist on or near your property.  A wetland professional can help you determine whether your property has wetlands or wetland conservation buffers that are regulated through the Critical Areas Ordinance.