Residential Zoning

R-1 Restricted Residential District

This district is designed for single-family dwellings, combining a low population density with a high degree of protection against objectionable influences, building congestion, lack of light, air and privacy.     
 (Ord. 241 § 13.04.010, 1998)

R-2 General Residential District

This is a district designed for residential use with protection from objectionable influences. 
(Ord. 241 § 13.04.070, 1998)

R-3 Resort Residential District

This is a district designed to permit recreational type residential as well as conventional residential.
(Ord. 241 § 13.04.130, 1998)

RR Rural Residential District

The rural residential district is a zone classification permitting rural residential uses in areas suited for such development at densities consistent with the level of available public facilities, public services and land capability. Provisions are included to protect the rural residential uses from objectionable influences.
(Ord. 241 § 13.04.600, 1998) 

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