Commercial Property Development Process

Commercial Property Development Process -

The Commercial Property Development Process is accomplished in four (4) steps. Most commercial endeavors are required to begin with a Pre-Application Meeting. 

  • Begin with a Pre-Application Meeting - due diligence meeting.  
    • Gives the applicant an opportunity to explain the project and illustrate using a site plan.
    • Allows for a comprehensive review with detailed feed back from multiple county departments as well as any outside agencies as pertinent to the proposal. This meeting outlines for the applicant the potential requirements to be expected throughout the permitting process. It also allows the applicant opportunity to determine feasibility before beginning the proposed project.
    • Fee - $263
    • Scheduled on Wednesdays at 10 AM or 1:30 PM.
    • Scheduled a minimum of two (2) weeks out from submittal date to allow adequate review and response time for all parties involved.
    • Electronic submittals cannot be accepted.
  • Step 1: Pre-Development Review Application - the proposal stage.
    •  Allows the County an opportunity to re-review the proposal for any changes/updates/revisions made to the venture since the initial Pre-Application Meeting. Determining feasibility and communicating up-to-date necessary requirements to the applicant.
      • Site Plan Review 
      • Departmental Reviews -
        1. Planning Division - Critical Areas and Setbacks Review 
        2. Environmental Health - On-Site Sewage Review
        3. Environmental Health - Drinking Water Review 
        4. Fire Marshal - Fire Equipment Access Review 
        5. Public Works - Road Access Review
        6. Outside Agency Reviews as applicable.
    • A letter is sent to the applicant outlining Step 2 with instructions on how to proceed (bulleted checklist).
      • This letter transitions the applicant to Step 2 of the Property Development Process.
      • Each Pre-Development Review letter is customized according to the proposed project.
    • Electronic submittals cannot be accepted.
  • Step 2: Development Review - establish the infrastructure.
    • This step allows for the necessary requirements determined in Step 1 to be submitted for review. 
      • Possible submittal requirements by department -
        1. Planning Division
        2. Environmental Health
        3. Fire Marshal
        4. Public Works
    • These submittal requirements may not be the same for every project.
    • Once all requirements have been submitted and approved, a Property Development Approval letter (i.e. "golden ticket") is sent to the applicant outlining the required documentation to be submitted for Step 3.
      • These submittals will not be accepted if a "golden ticket" has not been sent or,
      • If the application is incomplete in anyway.
    • Electronic submittals cannot be accepted.
  • Step 3: Building Permit Application Review - application for building permit.
    • The "golden ticket" will outline the documentation required to be submitted for this step. 
      • These submittals will not be accepted if a "golden ticket" has not been sent or,
      • If the application is incomplete in anyway.
    • Washington State law requires all submittals for work involving non-residential buildings of 4,000 square feet or more be coordinated and submitted through a licensed architect.  The owner shall engage and designate an architect of record who shall be responsible for reviewing and coordinating all submittal documents prepared by others for compatibility with the building design through the completion of the project. 
    • After Building Division review for code compliancy, a Permit Coordinator will notify the applicant that the permit is ready for issuance as well as if there are balances owing.
    • All balances are due before the permit may be issued.
    • Commercial Plans Submittal Checklist
    • Electronic submittals cannot be accepted.

**Each step must be complete prior to proceeding to the next step!**

Please contact a Permit Coordinator with any questions related to this process.

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