New Construction & Additions:

The following information may assist with determining the anticipated cost of your building permit and plan checking fees. This is a general guide to help determine the valuation of a structure. The valuation per square foot may vary based on the type of structure, method of construction, anticipated finishes, etc. 

*Valuations per square foot and flat rate fees are derived from both the International Code Council Building Valuation Data (ICC) and Grays Harbor County Resolution 2009-88. Values are subject to change/update. Please contact a Permit Coordinator prior to submittal for accurate fee totals.

*Residential Valuation Example (below)
*Commercial Valuations - please contact the Building Division for more information.

Type of Construction/Project

*Valuation per sq. ft.

Residential, one- and two-family
Residential Addition
Unfinished Basement
Covered Deck
Uncovered Deck
Pole Building

Flat Rate Fee

Single wide
-          Install in mobile home park
Double wide
-          Install in mobile home park
Triple wide
-          Install in mobile home park










Step 1
: How to calculate valuation Example


Sq. Ft.

$/Sq. Ft.

Valuation Calculation

1-2 Family:
Covered Deck:

Total Project Value:










Step 2
: Find Total Project Valuation on Grays Harbor County Fee Schedule 



Building Permit:
Plan Review:
State Tax:

Estimated Permit Fee:
(less plumbing & mechanical fees)







**Additional fees may be required for the application process and other required reviews. To verify the initial payment amount, please contact (360) 249–4222 prior to submitting your application. Incorrect payment amount is considered an incomplete application and will be returned to the applicant. For other fee information, please click here.**

Cash, personal check or bank check is accepted at this time. Sorry, no electronic payments including credit or debit cards, pay pal, etc.

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