New Tax Statements 

Statement from Treasurer Ken Albert:

In order to more effectively serve the citizens of Grays Harbor County, the Treasurer’s Office has recently completed a transition to new software that will interface with the Assessor’s Office.  During this transition, there was a new method selected for mailing property tax statements.  You will notice that there are two tear-off sections on the bottom of the statement, one for the first half payment and one for the second half payment. You will no longer be receiving a second statement for payment of your property taxes in the fall, although there will be the option of signing up for electronic delivery of future notices as well.  These changes will provide reductions in cost to the Treasurer’s Office and enable the office to use the savings to retain personnel to serve you as constituents. 

If you would like to see where all of the tax dollars go for your parcel, please visit our Taxsifter website for a complete levy breakdown.  The direct link to Taxsifter is:

Using a search engine, please see instructions below:

  • Search the internet for “Grays Harbor Taxsifter”
  • Click on the Terra Scan Grays Harbor link
  • If the disclaimer prompt comes up, click agree
  • Search for your property by address, name or parcel number in the white box
  • Select your parcel
  • Click on the blue Treasurer box under your parcel description
  •   Once the page loads, look for Current Tax Year Details and click on the Statement # hyperlink (which is underlined in blue in the middle of the page)
  • This will open up a new screen that will show the details for your property’s taxes including the Levy Rate and amount that was distributed per line item. 


As always, feel free to call or stop by our office with any questions.  If you need further assistance, please contact us at (360) 249-3751.