Single Family Residence

Step one - Pre-development Review

The first step in the permit process is the site plan and  pre-development review.  The pre-development review evaluates a proposal for compliance with local environmental and land-use regulations.  You will receive a letter indicating the outcome of the review and detailed, customized directions for continuing the permitting process.  This review is valid for two (2) years from the date of approval. It is advisory only.  Future permit applications will be reviewed to current regulations when a complete application is submitted.  Minor revisions to the proposal or site plan may be made within the approval period.  Substantial changes in land condition or land use may require a new review.

Site Plan

Step Two - Supporting Development Permits

The pre-development review will identify supporting documents and permits which require approval before your application for a residential building permits may be accepted by a Permit Coordinator.  The necessary applications will be included with your review letter.  When